Monday, November 17, 2008

science report pest-resident crop

The article I read on science&technology is science report pest-resident crop.Scientists think that it might be a effective way to control the pests to maximize the products if the crop is genetically modified wit BT.BT is a kind of insectiside which can reduce pests more efficiently,and it was tested to be non-toxic to human and nature,cause it's can be degraded rapidly.In the past,scientists applied it on cotton cultivation against the cotton bollworm,which is the one of most destructive bateria threatening the global agriculture.The modefied cotton with BT was turned out to be very effective to dramatically reduce cotton bollworm.So, they predict that it's might be practicable to transfer BT into crop so that farmers can get much crop pruducts and benefit the agriculture as well.

Monday, November 10, 2008


First sorry to my partners for posting my article late.Second is I just read the article To be frank I feel so frustrated to read up it, cause it confused me so much.Maybe it's too long to understand,or it's because I have no idea for the automobile vehicles...Whatever,the resault is I could hardly figure out what it interpreted.The only thing I know from this article is hybrid system can save costing money,and it's used in coca-cola delievery's all I made sense...The reason why I still posted is if any of you can figure it out for me after you read it.I hope I can see your helpful comments.Thanks for you all,especially Alyssa.first thing is telling me 'What's hybrid '

Thank you again

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scientists develop purple, cancer fighting tomato

happy weekend for everyone!!
This weekend I read a news which is"Scientists develop purple, cancer fighting tomato".
This article introduces that British biologists studies out a gene engineer that they found a ingredient called anthocyanins,a type of antioxidant found in berries such as fruit blackberries and blackcurrants.This ingredient has turned out can decrease the possibility to get cancer.And it can be made in tomato,so scientists modified the tomato genetically turning it to purple with anthocyanins and experimented on the cancer-prone mice by feeding them on modified tomato,it proved that these mice can live longer than those which were fed on regular tomato.So, scientists primarily defined that the modified tomatos can make people healthier and take less risks to get cancer.
After reading the article,I feel thankful to the scientists who are working hard to figure out a lot of scientific problems for our health,so that people who are suffering from the disease have prospect to recover.They are really helpfull.
However,I also think that in primitive times,people lived in the world without any science technology,meawhile,they also lived in the world without cancer and terrible disease.But why today,in the more cilverlized and advanced times,we have so many untreatble diseases? We have people woking on them but we also have people dead because of them...
Today,we try best to modify the world,we creat a lot of new nouns,like transgene,clone and so on.But, there appears the new disease as well.I think this two situations have some kind of subrelationship between them.We do experiments and study on animals,plants and nature ,we created the usefull,but nature created disease...
So,in my opinion, not every modifiction is practicble for our nature.Scientists should consider a second for what should be continued or stopped.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The story of stuff

After watching the video The story of stuff, I feel upset.Considering more consumption means more pollution more trash and more destruction for the earth,I feel so shameful to tell someone I like shopping when being asked.for a long time, we don't realize what we are doing now.Shopping makes people self-satisfied.Some of us go shopping for enjoying,some are for killing time but some are for competition,gorvernment and corporation encourage people consuming for economy.for different reasons and different purposes,people go shopping.But, we never realised how harmful we do for envirnment and for the earth.I don't want to emphsis more cause this video has told more. I think a part of poeple should change the consumption habit,because most of time things they buy are not they really want just as decoration or luxury.More stuffs means more trash.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Chinese 'facebook' friends hooked on games

This weekend I read a article about Chinese 'facebook'.I guess almost each chinese high school or college student has their own facebook,it's so popular among students.We can use it for communication and friends making.Here we can also find friends and ex-classmates whom you have lost contack with.Besides, you can get informed at first time of your ex-pats' latest news.
However,Chinese facebook is different from here. It has much recreational function.It hooks on games and various tests. One game was mentioned in this article.It's very interisting.And from this article we can see that Chinese facebook is most attractive than any other type of personal on-line space.
For me,I like face book much ,here I can know and be known much information of friends in China,although we are away now.It offers me much entertainment.I log on at least three times a day - in the morning, after lunch, and before I go to bed," he said. "Life is boring without it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

food for thought

This article is about international relation of food reflection.Different countries have different cuisine,which is so-called national food.And these kinds of cuisine can influnce how a nation's awareness,action and the direction of policy.It's perfect lens to view these.On the ther hand,the various types of food of nations are also decided by its nation's some imperial history.They complement each other.
Take Chinese food for example,Chinese people pay much attention to cuisine,we average prepare a family standarded meal more than one times longer than American cuisine.Not only this,we also pay attention to color,taste, and aroma of dishes with using round dining table.It reflects the culture of what Chinese people attach importance to self image to others and a kind of family's harmony,union.Chinese reciepes are relatively plentiful.This is why Chinese resturants in USA are so popular.But to be frank, some of them are not completely authenic.